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A Piece of Cake

A Piece of Cake is a complete, comprehensive and colourful baking book filled with delicious recipes for everything from cookies, sponge cakes and cakes to bread and crisp-bread. New, exciting recipes for chocolate cupcakes, New York-style blueberry cheesecake and fudge and pecan pie ,and interwoven with classics, such as my grandmother's yummy cardamom rusks and nine different flavourings for an ordinary sponge cake. Brioches, fougasse from Provence, leaven bread baguette and nine different types of scones are combined with healthy buns, Danish rye bread, Leila´s lovely lingonberry loaf and super-fast soured milk loaf. Furthermore, there are also tips on how to bake without an oven!

The book is suitable to both home bakers and beginners and like Leila´s earlier books, the recipes are easy to follow.

In the section, “First aid in the kitchen” you will learn why a dough does not always rise as it should. You will find answers to questions such as: why is this cake as flat as a pancake? Why does the cookie dough crumble? Why are there big bubbles of air in my bread?

Gathering and socialising around food should be fun, spontaneous and relaxed – why bend over backwards in the kitchen for no reason? Leila Lindholm pursues the same theme in her new cookbook. You will find plenty of suggestions for festive menus to invite your friends to as well as many other recipes which brighten up your daily life. Tips on plating up, table placements, yummy drinks and edible gifts to bring when you are invited for dinner are also to be found in her new book.