Housewife guide

How do you get crystal clear windows or clean a burnt pan?

Both my grandmothers are in possession of many smart tips on how to run the household and, to be honest, there are many tips which most people would never figure out themselves. Do you have any housewife tips of your own?

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SOS in the kitchen

Why are the buns hard or dry? Why doesn't the cake grow when it's in the oven?

What is the difference between a conventional oven and a convection oven? The questions that you sometimes ask yourself in the kitchen you now get help answering. Leila's "SOS in the kitchen" has the answers to some of the most common questions that sometimes occurs when on is in the kitchen.

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Kitchen magic

What exactly are yeast, sourdough, baking soda, baking powder and cloudberry salt?

 ... And what is it used for? Can you replace on thing with the other? Here in Kitchen magic you can read more about all the ingredients you use the most when you bake.

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How much does 100 ml weigh?

Sometimes the recipes are given in grams and you might not always have a scale by your side.

If this is the case this chart is an ideal tool. For how much does 100 ml of plain flour or caster sugar weigh in grams?

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Good to know about sourdough

What exactly is sourdough and how do you take care of it?

Sourdough is comprised of flour and water that you mix and let stand a few days until the natural yeasts and lactic acid bacteria grow. People use wheat flour or rye flour most often, but you can also use other types of flours, or combine flours. 

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Frying temperatures

How do you know if the roast is ready?

What temperature should the meat have for rare, medium and well done? To cook a steak is easy and it's a perfect dinner if you're serving many. With this chart you can see how different kinds of meat should be cooked.

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Conversion chart

Do you have difficulties translating English and American measures when you bake or cook?

You may have come across a recipe from a relative in America or found a recipe in an English cookbook. If you use this chart you can easily understand English and American measurements and the cooking/baking will not be a problem anymore.

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