Leila's Supermat – New television series!

The recordings of Leila’s new television series ”Leila’s Supermat” are now completed and the ten episodes will be broadcasted on the Swedish TV channel Sjuan this fall.

In the series, Leila will serve the viewers fresh, fun and innovatory dishes cooked with real, pure ingredients and superfoods packed with nutrients. Leila creates a new take on old beloved every-day classics, making them tastier and healthier than ever before, and all the recipes are adjusted to suit the whole family. 

Leila opens up the door to her very own, private kitchen in the new series, but we will also receive a few sneak peeks from her lovely garden, the vegetable-packed greenhouse and her creative studio. Throughout the series, Leila shares with us her idea of being an aware consumer; how we can consume foods that are safe, healthy and delicious, whilst good for the environment, and she lifts the different benefits and properties of the superfoods presented. Do not miss the premiere of “Leila’s Supermat” on channel Sjuan the 1st of September 21:30!

The chefs battle -2015

Leila has been a part of a popular Swedish tv show, Kockarnas Kamp, which involves professional chefs competing in different culinary challenges. The show is airing, under the lead of Pär Lernström, during the autumn of 2015 on the Tv4 channel. Here we will get to follow Leilas journey when she battles against Swedish professional chefs in several cooking duels where their skills get put to the test.

The chefs that are competing are Leila Lindholm, Karl Ljung, Robert Maglia, Peter J Skogström, Alexandra Zazzi, Robert Nilsson, Stefan Holmström and Nils Molinder, who will be the final chef standing? 

The first episode of Leilas Sweet Christmas will air November 30th.

Leilas Sweet Christmas!

It's almost time for the first episode of Leilas new Christmas show...

Leilas sweet Christmas will air for the first time November 30th at 9 pm on Channel Seven (former Tv4 Plus). The show will contain six episodese and there Leila will give you tips and inspire you with lots of recipes for pastries and candies. Leila will also give you the best tips of desserts that will be great to eat at Christmas, and she’ll also give you the best advices for your New Years Eve Party.

All of the episodes will air at 9 pm every Wednesday, except for the last show that will air at 7.30 pm.

Leila bakes in France (summer of 2011)

Leila Lindholm was baking in France during the summer of 2011. Now we’re just waiting for the re-runs of the amazing show.

In 13 new episodes Leila is inspired by French delicacies but she is also baking Swedish pastries. Her family and newfound French friends is joining her in a beach house in Bordeaux and will be trying out her cookies and cakes.

In this beautiful beach house, among vineyards and places that make Crêpe, Leila will be living this summer of 2011. Here she will be baking delicious sweets, inspired by the French baking tradition, but there will also be Swedish pastries. She will as well make easy recipes that are perfect on a lazy summer day.

In the first episode of the season, which was broadcasted on Midsummer, Leila will host a summer party in the garden. Later on in the season she will make the perfect picnic food and treat her family on a trip to the beach. There will also be a cupcake party for the kids in the neighbourhood and hungry surfers will be treated whoopies.

Leila will also be going out on excursions, including a trip to the local baker, to the fruit market and to a vineyard.

Leila bakes in France will be broadcasted in 13 episodes.


Leila´s Home Delivery

In this delightful programme, Leila makes house-calls to some fantastic and interesting people. She takes a tour of the house, rummages about in the kitchen, conducts interviews and is generous with both her sparkling personality and her delicious recipes.

“Making this kind of television is completely new to me. I am really enjoying myself and I have had the opportunity to hang out with all sorts of characters. Every episode is quite different because the guests come from completely different worlds and have varying stories to tell where they reveal many interesting and personal things about themselves. I just ride alongside them and get sucked into the atmosphere.”

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Photo: TV4

Leila bakes (programs from 2007, 2008 and 2010)

For three seasons, at the kitchen in Mariefred, next to Lake Mälaren, Leila has shown us her fantastic baking skills. Everything from wedding cake to homemade pizza and sourdough bread is presented. The program has been enormously popular and is highly appreciated, even by the youngest viewers.

Leila bakes in the old ways, with genuine butter, but, as always, in her own way and with clever short cuts.  “It has to be easy and inspiring in order for everyone to be able to use my recipes.”

Season 1 and 2 of “Leila bakes” is published on DVD.

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Leila´s Christmas (programs from 2007 & 2008)

In this program, Leila is busy preparing for Christmas and offers us a concentrated dose of cosy relaxation.  She makes the yummiest Christmas sweets in the world, along with edible Christmas gifts while we meet people who are experts on how to create the perfect Christmas spirit.

“I love Christmas! It is such a cosy feast, full of feeling. I hope this shows through in the program which is full of traditional recipes and smart tips and while remaining extremely Christmassy!”. 


Leila in the countryside (programs from 2008)

Preparing food that suits the hammock as well as the beach party by the lake keeps Leila busy at her own summer cottage in Sörmland. Leila takes us fishing for pike perch and shows us how to extract honey. She also gives us her best tips on how to succeed with the fish, meat and vegetable on the barbecue.

With her simple cooking, Leila gives us inspiration for food perfect for a nice day in the hammock or for the beach party by the lake. 

She grows her own vegetables and finds the others she needs locally. The viewers also get to see Leila fishing pike perch in the lake, extracting honey at her neighbours and smoking chicken wings in her home-made smoker. 

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Nyhetsmorgon (Morning News) in TV4 (dinner tips from 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007)

Leila started her television career in Swedish Channel 4´s Morning News. With her colourful features of simple and quick dinner tips she soon became a big name in the cooking world. She was elected TV Cook of the Year by viewers of the Morning News in 2004.

Click on the picture to watch Leila cook her dinner tip in Marrakech!

När och Fjärran (Far and Away, Program from 2007)

Leila travels all over the world, visiting many exciting destinations. She spends a night in the Sahara, flies a Cessna plane over the desert of Namibia and enriches herself culturally in Barcelona. Now and then, her friend Mackan accompanies her.

Leila´s food (programs from 2005 and 2006)

In the autumn of 2005, Leila´s very first television series of her own was televised for the first time. For two seasons, Leila demonstrated how to arrange the funniest children´s party, put together a yummy 50s-style lunch, organise a Moroccan barbecue with lamb or how to make a brutally delicious TV-dinner. Leila´s food was the first in a number of different television programs featuring Leila.