Sweet Christmas

This holiday season, Leila releases her very first Christmas with traditional pastries, desserts, toffees and sweets.

Christmas is a special and magical time filled with festivities, parties and lots of expectations, especially for the little ones. Leila’s Sweet Christmas is filled with all of our most beloved, traditional pastries, and also healthier treats with a holiday twist, classic sweets, desserts, drinks and much more. You will find over 100 recipes and an equal amount of inspirational pictures to help you create and brighten your Christmas for many years from now. Christmas is a time for warmth, calmness and peace, so make sure to give your family and indulge in that joyful holiday spirit to get you through the cold winter months.

The Fresh Foodie

Leila Lindholm's cookbook The Fresh Foodie is filled with innovative, simple, healthy and fresh recipes from pure ingredients and super-food ingredients.

A book for everyone who wants to live healthy lifestyle and still enjoy the amazing good food and treats. It is not a diet book but a book with a focus on health and well-being easy to prepare everyday meals for the whole family. With clear markings you can easily find the recipes that are äggfria, gluten-free, lactose-free or sugar free. There are also plenty of vegetarian recipes that you do not even think that they are either vegan or vegetarian. It is a cookbook that caters to the whole family with delicious recipes that are easy to cook for all occasions. There will be a new recipe bible for anyone who wants to live an active lifestyle and eating food without additives cooked on natural ingredients.

Photographs by David Loftus

Welcome Home

This is Leila's big interior design book with inspiration, ideas and tips on how to decorate your entire home and make it both practical and alive.

The book is full of pictures and illustrations from different environments, ranging from the classic colonial style to French romanticism. Leila's guiding you to find your style and giving you the tricks to create a timeless home filled with harmony!

You will also get tips on how to apply wallpaper, make a bed canopy, build smart storages, hang paintings and set lights to a room. After working many years creating environments for TV and books, Leila Lindholm and Ulrika Magnusson now brings you their joint book Welcome Home. This is a book you will enjoy for many years, regardless of style!


Photographs by Wolfgang Kleinschmidt and Carl-Johan Rowan

Leila and her son Walter...

Hello cupcake!

In Hello Cupcake! Leila Lindholm is baking cupcakes and whoopies!

In her fifth book Leila Lindholm is focusing on the quaint and sweet life, and she has made a book that is a divine gift book.
Hello cupcake! is photographed in France and as usual when Leila does something it is full of amazing colors and pastels. The book is a perfect inspiration for everyone that is planning a party for both adults and children.

The recipes in this book are thoroughly tried out and they are all of Leilas favourites. As you all might know by now is that Leila is a big fan of cupcakes. Her new favourite is the trendy whoopies which is very popular right now in both Great Britain and in USA.

Whoopies is baked on a similar batter as cupcakes and they remind you of macaroons, but they are much easier to bake. The little cookies are filled with frosting in different flavour.

In Hello cupcake! you will find cupcake recipes as rhubarb cheesecake cupcake, Mississippi mud cupcake, chocolate and lavender cupcake and Nutella cupcakes.

Among the whoopies recipes you will find exciting smore’s whoopies, black and white whoopies, raspberry whoopies and peanut butter whoopies.

Follow Leila into her dream world and allow yourself to be inspired!

Photographed by Wolfgang Kleinschmidt.

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One More Slice

One More Slice is the sequel to Leila Lindholm´s popular baking bible A Piece of Cake. The book follows on from where A Piece of Cake ends and we learn how to make our own leaven-bread, how to get successful with home-made pizza and how to make our own pasta from scratch. We try out a number of yummy recipes in chapters covering Boulangerie, Pancakes, Waffles, Say Cheesecake!, Pizza Amore, Ciao Tortano, I Scream Ice-cream, Brownies and Blondies, Pasta Pronto and American Pie. A common feature in the book, like in the earlier one, is that it consists of basic recipes which can easily transform into a variety of different tastes. Everybody can find their own favourite among Leila´s thoroughly tried out recipes. Leila also offers heaps of tips and reading for those of you who want to develop your skills and learn smart tricks in the kitchen, whether you are an experienced home baker or a beginner. In One More Slice there are nearly 200 recipes suitable for all year round, whether it's a weekday or a celebration!


Photographed by Wolfgang Kleinschmidt.

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A Piece of Cake

A Piece of Cake is a complete, comprehensive and colourful baking book filled with delicious recipes for everything from cookies, sponge cakes and cakes to bread and crisp-bread. New, exciting recipes for chocolate cupcakes, New York-style blueberry cheesecake and fudge and pecan pie ,and interwoven with classics, such as my grandmother's yummy cardamom rusks and nine different flavourings for an ordinary sponge cake. Brioches, fougasse from Provence, leaven bread baguette and nine different types of scones are combined with healthy buns, Danish rye bread, Leila´s lovely lingonberry loaf and super-fast soured milk loaf. Furthermore, there are also tips on how to bake without an oven!

The book is suitable to both home bakers and beginners and like Leila´s earlier books, the recipes are easy to follow.

In the section, “First aid in the kitchen” you will learn why a dough does not always rise as it should. You will find answers to questions such as: why is this cake as flat as a pancake? Why does the cookie dough crumble? Why are there big bubbles of air in my bread?

Gathering and socialising around food should be fun, spontaneous and relaxed – why bend over backwards in the kitchen for no reason? Leila Lindholm pursues the same theme in her new cookbook. You will find plenty of suggestions for festive menus to invite your friends to as well as many other recipes which brighten up your daily life. Tips on plating up, table placements, yummy drinks and edible gifts to bring when you are invited for dinner are also to be found in her new book.


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Leilas guldkant på vardagen

In this book, Leila shares with us her best dishes which all have the same colourful and personal touch of hers. The recipes are easy and instructive but at the same time made with finesse. You will find recipes for every type of occasion: family dinner with your grandmother, barbecue with your friends, karaoke night with your work buddies or a long, slow, lovely breakfast.

Every chapter has its own special style and each meal is comprehensively thought through. For example, Italian flavours are served in Belissimo, there is an exotic flirt in the barbecued dishes in Barbecue, in Family Dinners, we find classic flavours such as entrecôte roasted whole with a red wine and chilli sauce, and in Kitchen Kitsch there is the flavour of fifties America with burgers, ribs and coleslaw. You will also find a section with snacks, appetizers and drinks perfect for a cocktail party.

There are, in addition to the recipes, suggestions on how to take short-cuts in the kitchen as well as tips on edible gifts to bring to dinner parties, for example your own seasoned salt, healthy muesli or a yummy nut and chocolate mixture.

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Leilas Middagstips

Leila´s Middagstips is a colourful cookbook with a homely substance. The main thread is that a nice dinner does not have to take hours to prepare: why over-complicate things? Leila´s food is simple but never boring and consists of tastes from all over the world. Ravioli with sage and vanilla, Mexican corn soup, Thai style fried prawns and ginger ice cream are just a few examples.

Leila gives us 60 recipes and divides her food into different categories: family food, solo food, food for friends and food for the extra health conscious, followed by some tapas, drinks and fantastic cakes and lovely desserts.

This food enthusiast does not hesitate to use semi-ready products to make cooking easier; even she can feel uninspired and have frustrating moments at the local supermarket. This is why the next chapter came into being with super simple dinners where the base is tinned goods and semi-ready products. Simplicity also counts for party food; it is better to prepare with food with exciting and unusual tastes rather than something expensive and difficult to cook which, in many cases, is unsuccessful and a cause of distress.

This is book will be at home in any kitchen, richly illustrated with colourful pictures of food as well as pictures from Leila´s own kitchen.