Take notes!

The cheapest notebooks get much nicer and personal if you dress them with a piece of oilcloth.

First plot of the book’s cover on the oilcloth. Be extra careful so that the transition at the back doesn’t become scarce amount. If it does it gets hard to dress the book with the oilcloth.

Cut out and glew the oilcloth on the notebook. Make sure it sticks.

To make sure that you can hold the book together and to have something to put your notes under, it’s a good idea to sew an elastic band on to the notebook.

Keep track of your papers!

Keep track of your recipes in your magazine files that you’ve designed yourself. This will turn into a nice detail in your office or in your kitchen.

Plot of the magazine file on the back of a nice piece of paper of your choice. Cut it out with a few millimetres margin around.

Attache the paper to the magazine file with wallpaper glue. Let the glue dry and after that you cut off the paper along the edges .

Paint with water based varnish on the paper. If you do it’s easy to wipe of any possible mess that might find its way to the magazine file.

At the end you nail a label holder on the back of your magazine file. That way you know what’s inside it. 

For the children’s party

Would you like to try something different for your child’s birthday party? It’s easily made with some basic tools.

Make your own cones and fill them with various goodies. All you need is a comic book, cellophane plastic and some tape. You just pull out a piece of paper from the comic book and roll it into a cone. Fasten the cone with some tape. In this picture I have filled it with some caramelized popcorn. Don't forget to put the popcorn or candy in some cellophane plastic before putting it in the cone.

Cupcake flower gift

Are you out of string for the gift or are you, just as I am, very fond of cupcakes? Make nice cupcake flowers to put on your gifts.

You can make a very nice flower decoration for your gift with cupcakes moulds.

Turn the moulds inside out and after that you just put the biggest mould in the bottom and fill it with smaller moulds.

Eventually it has gotten the shape of a flower. You put them together by using adhesive tape. 

A nice party invitation

Make a different invitation for your children’s party with a bunting on it.

All you need is folded cards, a nice string and some pieces of fabric and glue.

Cut every piece of fabric into a rhomb, fold them and glue them over the string.

Make two holes in the top of the cards, both the front and inside of the card.

Thread the string with the flags through the holes and tie a knot on the back of the card.

If you want the flags to be duplex, so that it will stretch out over the whole card, you just put another piece of string with flags on it on the back of the card as well. 

Make a bunting… step 1:

To start with you have to cut put the pattern for the bunting.

Make a mark on the middle of the shorts side of the paper.

Then drag a line with a ruler from the mark to the two corners on the other shorts side so that you get a triangle.

Fold the paper twice and put the triangle with the base down, then you get a rhomb when you cut out the pattern.

 But the rhomb on the fabric, mark and cut out.

Use the same pattern until you have as many banners you need for your bunting. 

Make a bunting… step 2:

Now it’s time to start the sewing!

Take out the fabric of your choice to use in the making of the banners for the bunting.

Fold and press the edges about 5-10 millimetres around the rhomb’s to the wrong side of the fabric.

Fold the rhomb’s in the middle so that a banner is created with the right side of the fabric facing out.

Press with an iron and pin around the edges.

So together the banners with a stitch (with a visible seam, much like a pair of jeans) near the edge of the banner. Leave about 1 centimetre in the top corners so that you can thread through the string.

It’s nice to use a rough household string to thread the banners. Use a safety pin!

Hang the bunting!


If you use an oilcloth you don’t have to sew since the fabric doesn’t fray. You can just cut out the oilcloth in the same way that you cut the fabric. Then you fold it and glue it over the string.

And if you don’t have the time, or patience, to sew your own bunting you can cut out the big triangles and then use a stapler to make the fabric stick to the string. Just make sure you hang the bunting up high so that no one can see your shortcut. 

Make your own bunting!

You can place a bunting everywhere if you want to make a playful and festive atmosphere. Make one yourself and hang it in your children’s room, in your garden or over the dinner table at a party.

You need:
A piece of paper, size A4.
Sewing thread
Safety pin
String to thread up the bunting on
Sewing machine

Nice pen storage!

A nice piece of wallpaper and some old tins is all you need to store your pencils in a beautiful way.

Start to measure the height and circuit on the tin. Don’t forget to peel of any remains of the label on the tin. It will give the best result with the wallpaper.

Cut the wallpaper.

Dress the tins with the wallpaper.

Spice up the bottle!

With a nice container it will be more fun to have the detergent on your kitchen counter.

The bottles for the detergent aren’t always a sight for your eyes when you step into a kitchen. But it will be much nicer if you pour it into a left over soup bottle. Then you won’t mind if the detergent stands on the kitchen counter.

This soup bottle is from Savon de Marseille.

Spools in glass!

Collect all of your spools in one place – a nice jar of glass.

Put all of your old spools in a nice jar of glass. This will quickly turn into a convenient storage and it’s perfect because now you will se which colour is missing for your next sewing project. 

Bags for your plastic bags…

Old plastic bags as you save and use for your garbage bin takes up unnecessary space in your kitchen drawers and under your sink. This is a cute way to solve the problem.

Start by sewing tubes of old, fine embroidered table clothes or towels that you find in the linen closet or at a garage sale.

In the top of the tube, attach a ribbon for hanging the tube and in the bottom you sew a tunnel and thread an elastic band through it.

Tie up the rib so that a properly large opening is formed. Then it’s just for you to load the bags from the top and then pull them out at the bottom when you need one.