Leila's Magazine AW 16

Brand New! The fall edition of Leila’s General Store inspirational magazine is out now!

In this edition you will find the latest textiles and kitchen utensils, great recipes for Halloween and the harvest season, housekeeping secrets and how to create the best-looking burgers in town. In addition, Leila shows off her amazing guide to New York City (don’t miss out!), the packing tips to help you create more space in your weekend bag and her very own, personal stories about the new collection of textiles in store now.

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(swedish only) 

Leila's Supermat – New television series!

The recordings of Leila’s new television series ”Leila’s Supermat” are now completed and the ten episodes will be broadcasted on the Swedish TV channel Sjuan this fall.

In the series, Leila will serve the viewers fresh, fun and innovatory dishes cooked with real, pure ingredients and superfoods packed with nutrients. Leila creates a new take on old beloved every-day classics, making them tastier and healthier than ever before, and all the recipes are adjusted to suit the whole family. 

Leila opens up the door to her very own, private kitchen in the new series, but we will also receive a few sneak peeks from her lovely garden, the vegetable-packed greenhouse and her creative studio. Throughout the series, Leila shares with us her idea of being an aware consumer; how we can consume foods that are safe, healthy and delicious, whilst good for the environment, and she lifts the different benefits and properties of the superfoods presented. Do not miss the premiere of “Leila’s Supermat” on channel Sjuan the 1st of September 21:30!

New shop in Stockholm!

Today we are opening a new Leila's General Store at Åhlèns City in Stockholm Sweden. If you are planning a visit to Stockholm this summer, do not miss to visit us on the 2nd floor at Åhléns City!

See you!

Good to know about sourdough

What exactly is sourdough and how do you take care of it?

Sourdough is comprised of flour and water that you mix and let stand a few days until the natural yeasts and lactic acid bacteria grow. People use wheat flour or rye flour most often, but you can also use other types of flours, or combine flours. 

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Swedish Semla

A Semla is a wheat flour bun filled with almond past and whipped cream.

An old tradition in Sweden is to eat Semla only once a year at Fettisdagen (Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday) which is an old Christian tradition, but some of us likes to enjoy Semlor even more often then once a year, so the bakeries usually bakes them throughout the winter season. 

Do you want to bake Semlor? Find Leila's traditional recipes here!