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A new Housewife guide!

Would you like to be a domestic goddess in your house?

Leila shares her best, and most useful, tips in the kitchen on these pages.

How about SOS in the kitchen, Kitchen magic, Good to know about sourdough, How much does 100 ml weigh? and two different charts - a conversion chart and one with frying temperatures. 

The "old" Housewife guide is still there. So go check it out here!

Stars and stripes pie

Let´s celebrate 4th of July with this lovely pie!

For all of you who will be celebrating the 4th of July by baking something delicious in red, blue and white you need to try Leila's Stars and stripes pie! It's easy to make, tastes wonderful and is so stylish with the decorations of raspberries and blueberries.

Use Leila´s rectangular pie tin for this pie, t’s easy to lift out the pie thanks to the removable base.

You'll find the recipe for the pie and other pastries here!

Leila's new cookbook The Fresh Foodie is here!

Leila Lindholm's new cookbook The Fresh Foodie is filled with innovative, simple, healthy and fresh recipes from pure ingredients and super-food ingredients.

A book for everyone who wants to live healthy lifestyle and still enjoy the amazing good food and treats. It is not a diet book but a book with a focus on health and well-being easy to prepare everyday meals for the whole family. It is a cookbook that caters to the whole family with delicious recipes that are easy to cook for all occasions. There will be a new recipe bible for anyone who wants to live an active lifestyle and eating food without additives cooked on natural ingredients.

Order The Fresh Foodie here!
(Only available only in Swedish)

New shop in May!

Right now we are working with Leila's fifth store which opens in May. It will be the largest store so far and we are so pleased to announce that it will open in the fabulous mall Täby Centrum.

See you in Taby Centrum in May! More info about the date and time of opening coming soon!

Carrot cake for Easter!

Bake Leila´s delicious carrot cake this Easter!

You can find an almost infinite number of variations of this moist American carrot cake, but this is definitely the best one we have ever tried. Why don't you try it out this Easter? Decorate your cake with some carrots made of marzipan. You can also find a lot of other tasty recipes from Leila here

Happy Easter!