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A piece of cake

Do you have Leila´s amazing baking book "A piece of cake"?

"A piece of cake" is a complete, basic and colorful baking book filled with delicious recipes for everything from biscuits, cakesand tarts to plain bread and crisp bread. Exciting new cakes such as chocolate cupcakes, New York, blueberry cheesecake andtoffee and pekannötspaj interspersed with classics like grandma's good cardamom biscuits and nine different flavors to aregular sponge cake.

You can buy "A piece of cake" and Leila´s other books at Amazon!

Welcome in to my home!

Pick up an issue of the No.8 of Living at Home magazine!

In the August issue of Living at Home, you can step into Leila's beautiful home and read about her passion for interior design!

Stars and stripes pie

Let´s celebrate 4th of July with this lovely pie!

For all of you who will be celebrating the 4th of July by baking something delicious in red, blue and white you need to try Leila's Stars and stripes pie! It's easy to make, tastes wonderful and is so stylish with the decorations of raspberries and blueberries.

Use Leila´s rectangular pie tin for this pie, t’s easy to lift out the pie thanks to the removable base.

You'll find the recipe for the pie and other pastries here!

Week campaign!

Do not miss this week's campaign in Leila's General Store!

This week, you can buy one six pack of our cool Ball Mason Jars for only 300 SEK, regular price is 474 SEK.

They are perfect to serve drinks, lemonade and other drinks in. Use them as storage containers for pens or colorful straws or set them up directly on the table with a yummy dessert in!

You'll find jars and accessories in Leila's General Store! The price is valid until Sunday 15 June 2014.