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Welcome Home!

Don´t miss Leila´s new interior design book. Filled with pictures from her stylish home.

Leila´s interior design book is filled with inspiration, ideas and hands on tips on how to decorate your entire home and make it into a practical home that feels vibrant and alive. The book is full of pictures and illustrations from many interiors, ranging from the classic colonial style to French romanticism. Leila is guiding you to find your style and giving you the tricks to create a timeless home filled with harmony!

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Pizza al salami

A really good pizza requires a good base, home-made tomato sauce and of course good cheese. To get a crispy, golden pizza, the oven must be really, really hot, around 250°C. A good tip is to use a pizza stone (try looking in good kitchen equipment shops). The stone goes into the oven and the pizza is laid directly on top of the stone. 

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A piece of cake

Do you have Leila´s amazing baking book "A piece of cake"?

"A piece of cake" is a complete, basic and colorful baking book filled with delicious recipes for everything from biscuits, cakesand tarts to plain bread and crisp bread. Exciting new cakes such as chocolate cupcakes, New York, blueberry cheesecake andtoffee and pekannötspaj interspersed with classics like grandma's good cardamom biscuits and nine different flavors to aregular sponge cake.

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Welcome in to my home!

Pick up an issue of the No.8 of Living at Home magazine!

In the August issue of Living at Home, you can step into Leila's beautiful home and read about her passion for interior design!