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The Daily mail

Leila is featured in The Daily mail!

If you want to know more about Leila, here business and here interest for interior design, please read the article in the Daily mail! There's a lot of inspiring pictures from here home!

You can read the article here!

New shop in Gothenburg

Wednesday, 25 February at 10, I am opening the doors to my new store in Gothenburg!
You find it on Södra Larmgatan 13

Welcome to my fourth Leila's General Store!

Swedish Semla

A Semla is a wheat flour bun filled with almond past and whipped cream.

An old tradition in Sweden is to eat Semla only once a year at Fettisdagen (Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday) which is an old Christian tradition, but some of us likes to enjoy Semlor even more often then once a year, so the bakeries usually bakes them throughout the winter season. 

Do you want to bake Semlor? Find Leila's traditional recipes here!

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Sparkling New Year´s Cake!

Leila impressive ice cream bombe "Baked Alaska" is a masterful dessert perfect for New Years Eve, a guaranteed hit among both older and younger guests!

Baked Alaska is made on a nut base and three layers of ice cream in various flavors! The bomb is then covered with Italian meringue where the surface is a little burned with a gas burner. For an extra masterful and festive New Year´s bomb Leila decorates with sparklers!