Leila and her son Walter...

Hello cupcake!

In Hello Cupcake! Leila Lindholm is baking cupcakes and whoopies!

In her fifth book Leila Lindholm is focusing on the quaint and sweet life, and she has made a book that is a divine gift book.
Hello cupcake! is photographed in France and as usual when Leila does something it is full of amazing colors and pastels. The book is a perfect inspiration for everyone that is planning a party for both adults and children.

The recipes in this book are thoroughly tried out and they are all of Leilas favourites. As you all might know by now is that Leila is a big fan of cupcakes. Her new favourite is the trendy whoopies which is very popular right now in both Great Britain and in USA.

Whoopies is baked on a similar batter as cupcakes and they remind you of macaroons, but they are much easier to bake. The little cookies are filled with frosting in different flavour.

In Hello cupcake! you will find cupcake recipes as rhubarb cheesecake cupcake, Mississippi mud cupcake, chocolate and lavender cupcake and Nutella cupcakes.

Among the whoopies recipes you will find exciting smore’s whoopies, black and white whoopies, raspberry whoopies and peanut butter whoopies.

Follow Leila into her dream world and allow yourself to be inspired!

Photographed by Wolfgang Kleinschmidt.