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Leilas guldkant på vardagen

In this book, Leila shares with us her best dishes which all have the same colourful and personal touch of hers. The recipes are easy and instructive but at the same time made with finesse. You will find recipes for every type of occasion: family dinner with your grandmother, barbecue with your friends, karaoke night with your work buddies or a long, slow, lovely breakfast.

Every chapter has its own special style and each meal is comprehensively thought through. For example, Italian flavours are served in Belissimo, there is an exotic flirt in the barbecued dishes in Barbecue, in Family Dinners, we find classic flavours such as entrecôte roasted whole with a red wine and chilli sauce, and in Kitchen Kitsch there is the flavour of fifties America with burgers, ribs and coleslaw. You will also find a section with snacks, appetizers and drinks perfect for a cocktail party.

There are, in addition to the recipes, suggestions on how to take short-cuts in the kitchen as well as tips on edible gifts to bring to dinner parties, for example your own seasoned salt, healthy muesli or a yummy nut and chocolate mixture.