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Leilas Middagstips

Leila´s Middagstips is a colourful cookbook with a homely substance. The main thread is that a nice dinner does not have to take hours to prepare: why over-complicate things? Leila´s food is simple but never boring and consists of tastes from all over the world. Ravioli with sage and vanilla, Mexican corn soup, Thai style fried prawns and ginger ice cream are just a few examples.

Leila gives us 60 recipes and divides her food into different categories: family food, solo food, food for friends and food for the extra health conscious, followed by some tapas, drinks and fantastic cakes and lovely desserts.

This food enthusiast does not hesitate to use semi-ready products to make cooking easier; even she can feel uninspired and have frustrating moments at the local supermarket. This is why the next chapter came into being with super simple dinners where the base is tinned goods and semi-ready products. Simplicity also counts for party food; it is better to prepare with food with exciting and unusual tastes rather than something expensive and difficult to cook which, in many cases, is unsuccessful and a cause of distress.

This is book will be at home in any kitchen, richly illustrated with colourful pictures of food as well as pictures from Leila´s own kitchen.