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One More Slice

One More Slice is the sequel to Leila Lindholm´s popular baking bible A Piece of Cake. The book follows on from where A Piece of Cake ends and we learn how to make our own leaven-bread, how to get successful with home-made pizza and how to make our own pasta from scratch. We try out a number of yummy recipes in chapters covering Boulangerie, Pancakes, Waffles, Say Cheesecake!, Pizza Amore, Ciao Tortano, I Scream Ice-cream, Brownies and Blondies, Pasta Pronto and American Pie. A common feature in the book, like in the earlier one, is that it consists of basic recipes which can easily transform into a variety of different tastes. Everybody can find their own favourite among Leila´s thoroughly tried out recipes. Leila also offers heaps of tips and reading for those of you who want to develop your skills and learn smart tricks in the kitchen, whether you are an experienced home baker or a beginner. In One More Slice there are nearly 200 recipes suitable for all year round, whether it's a weekday or a celebration!


Photographed by Wolfgang Kleinschmidt.