The Fresh Foodie

Leila Lindholm's cookbook The Fresh Foodie is filled with innovative, simple, healthy and fresh recipes from pure ingredients and super-food ingredients.

A book for everyone who wants to live healthy lifestyle and still enjoy the amazing good food and treats. It is not a diet book but a book with a focus on health and well-being easy to prepare everyday meals for the whole family. With clear markings you can easily find the recipes that are äggfria, gluten-free, lactose-free or sugar free. There are also plenty of vegetarian recipes that you do not even think that they are either vegan or vegetarian. It is a cookbook that caters to the whole family with delicious recipes that are easy to cook for all occasions. There will be a new recipe bible for anyone who wants to live an active lifestyle and eating food without additives cooked on natural ingredients.

Photographs by David Loftus